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  UV Water Filters
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UV Lamp, UV Meter, UV System, UV Monitor, Mumbai, India


Who We Are

Grace International has manufactured and supplied a number of Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer Units to several clients in diverse industries. Our System is based on Quartz Technology. Disinfection by UV technology is excellent because it achieves near cent  percent water purification without any side effect. It is economical and cost effective safe and convenient.

Grace International is a Division of Hitech Ultraviolet Pvt. Ltd., Masters in UV manufactures since the year 1984. They have earned an excellent reputation of their products & services and have a lot of satisfied customers all over India and abroad. For More Information visit Hitech Ultraviolet Pvt. Ltd.

Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer

Water Treatment Bottling Mineral Water Pharmaceuticals
Dairies Distilleries Breweries Hospitals
Food Industries Hotels Chemical Industries Cosmetics
Gelatin Aqua Cultures Electronic Industries Algae and slime control
Paint Industries Hatcheries Pretreatment before RO Swimming Pool etc.
Cooling Towers DM Water Plant Sugar Syrups Poultry Farm

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